Ultimately they would survive by his sincerity — They would prosper by his care.view the print
Little did they know it only ever happened once.view the print
i promise, no matter what we'll be alright.view the print
Here, it was mild and gentle and so became he.view the print
He marveled that from something so quiet and unassuming he should discover the patience and strength to carry on.view the print
it was the start of only a small thing, but, it is only the sum of many small things that makes something great.view the print
So much was uncertain, but the question wasn't where to go or what was to be done, rather to life a life of courage or to not.view the print
His legacy wasn't to be his grand accomplishments, rather, the example he set.view the print
Witnessing the transformation made his own seem possible.view the print
Every day he'd come. His doubt would keep him humble, his hope would keep him true.view the print
afterwards he cried, he didn't know why.view the print
There was nothing wrong with their bravery, they just needed practice.view the print
Upon realizing it was not to be controlled he simply let it shine.view the print
His great discovery wasn’t to be what he found along the way, but who he was when he returned.view the print
It was only after the winds shifted that he understood himself able.view the print
He would never have believed he’d find it here in the briefest of moments... eternity.view the print
You're all I need. so are you.view the print
remember me? Always.view the print
Never knowing would be the most difficult. The pure potential of it, the most inspiring.view the print
In it, each saw something different, the same, beautiful.view the print
He was about to find that the greatest risk he had ever taken was to become his greatest joy.view the print
of course there's still room.view the print
This is where you're supposed to be.view the print
Letting his questions fall away revealed the beauty of the moment — and his bliss.view the print
What does it mean, the world in a fox's tail?view the print
Through it all, Squirrel never asked him 'why.' Mole loved him for that.view the print
Their greatest strength lay in their quietest moments.view the print
No matter where they go and whatever becomes of them it will always be their boat.view the print
When the story was finally told, he was all but forgotten. Still, he smiled whenever he heard it.view the print
It was when she no longer thought them necessary that they bloomed.view the print
Every time was different, I suppose that's why he loved it so much.view the print