Here you’ll find images and brief explanations describing different aspects of the printmaking processes I use. More in depth information about the printmaking and creative process can be found on my blog as well as my documentary, “Storyprint”

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Carving the shadow block for a new print.
The text for my latest print:
Pausing gently - he felt it 
Looking deeply - he saw it
Listening quietly - he heard it
Now, to tell it.
Prints coming out of the drying stack today. Thanks to @kathyprint for introducing me to this method of drying prints.  Prints sit between blotter paper which sits between corrugated cardboard which helps move damp air out. Those sandwiches are stacked and stacked between plywood sheets which keep everything flat and under weight until dry.
Just kidding. Here’s the last block. Blush over the horizon.
Tested out a couple other blocks I’d carved for this print but they weren’t quite right or didn’t do what I wanted them to do. Thinking of putting a pin in this one.
Light from the lantern blushing on badgers face.
Shadow block.
Another green. Mountain etc
Background mountain base color and a few shadows.
The scene earlier today. Studio-mid print.
Another foreground green for detail.
Next layer on badger.
Second layer of color on badger. Plus stones.
Background green. Plus details in the pine needles.

squyareabout Printing a color in the moku hanga process.


Showing the proper angle, cutting with a knife. Note the beveled side up and flat side against the edge of the line to be carved.