Here you’ll find images and brief explanations describing different aspects of the printmaking processes I use. More in depth information about the printmaking and creative process can be found on my blog as well as my documentary, “Storyprint”

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Something new in the works.
For those of you interested. Two of my most recent prints are available for sale on my website. (Website link in bio ) Framed and unframed. Thanks to everyone who followed along! I’ll be posting my next project soon.
Text reads:
Being out of reach didn’t mean it wasn’t worth reaching for.  and, what was offered— well, that was just right.
Last but not least. Adding a light shade of violet on top of our main characters  help tie them a little more to the flower.
Darker green on the horizon
Shadow block.
Yellow sky.
More depth on tree clouds and figures

squyareabout Printing a color in the moku hanga process.


Showing the proper angle, cutting with a knife. Note the beveled side up and flat side against the edge of the line to be carved.