Here you’ll find images and brief explanations describing different aspects of the printmaking processes I use. More in depth information about the printmaking and creative process can be found on my blog as well as my documentary, “Storyprint”

See my instagram feed to see the process and upcoming prints as they progress and keep up to date as they change.

Close to ready to proof the key block of another print. 

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For everyone who missed the first class and anyone interested in coming again I’m offering another free class on the Creative Spirit. Registration link in bio. 

Friday March 1st, 7:30-8:30pm EST

A topic I believe as important as ever in a world full of creative people bringing new things into the world we all share. 

Thanks again for everyone who came to the first session and all of your beautiful support and comments. If you’re inspired to attend I hope to see you soon. 

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❤️❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day. A little something while I wait for my printing paper to arrive.
Wanted to share that I have my upcoming print available for pre-purchase on my website (link in bio). I’m only offering 15 of the edition for presale so if you’re interested…. 
I’ll be starting the printing in the next week or so and the print should be done in March. I’ll be posting updates here on instagram as I usually do. 

Additionally if anyone is interested in watching a livestream of some of the printing let me know. If I get enough interest and n that I’ll set up a livestream of some printing. 

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I hope to share Little Rat’s story at some point.
Painting on a lazy Sunday morning.
Continuing the carving work on my next print.
The beginning of something new. Also wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended my class on the creative spirit. And thanks for the kind words and fantastic feedback. 

For those of you who didn’t or weren’t able to attend I will be doing this again in March. I’ll try and give at least 2 weeks notice. 

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squyareabout Printing a color in the moku hanga process.


Showing the proper angle, cutting with a knife. Note the beveled side up and flat side against the edge of the line to be carved.