Here you’ll find images and brief explanations describing different aspects of the printmaking processes I use. More in depth information about the printmaking and creative process can be found on my blog as well as my documentary, “Storyprint”

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Just posted a new video on my youtube channel where I discuss my latest print "Unseeable"

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Creating and making art is difficult enough, but what if: you also have a day job, have kids that demand your attention, home and caregiver responsibilities or any other chaos that orbits and engulfs your personal space. How do you create when all of these things are going on around you and demand your time and attention.

In my next talk I'll be addressing these issues and any other that participants bring to the table. As both a practicing artist with a job, 3 children (which I help homeschool) and home and caregiver responsibilities I'll discuss my approach to creating amidst the chaos. I'll speak to big picture issues as well as practical advice if you're struggling to create in a world that seems to be actively trying to prohibit you from doing so.

Moving forward I'll be offering more specific topics to discuss in depth as well as offering them on a regular bi-monthly basis. Topics can also be suggested and requested by the community. Also, I'm asking for a small $5 donation for the class that you can pay by becoming a member of my Patreon community at the $5 level. Feel free to pop in and out of the community as you will or as the subject interests you or consider staying on as a free member.

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Working on a detailed color block for my new print. 

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Early sketch of a new image in the works... I don't often start new images before I'm completely done with the previous one, but I also like to be in the moment and let things come through as they want...
Surprise Print!
Ball of Foxes. Unfortunately I only ended up with an edition of 6 so decided to make this print available to my Patreon supporters.

Because of that I decided to rework my Patreon membership tiers and benefits to make them more accessible.

My lowest tier is now only $5 and will provide access to a series of ongoing live discussions and talks on the creative process and other art related topics 

My mokuhanga instructional videos tier is now only $10 

And my limited edition print tier now includes a 25% discount code

Lastly, I've added a new tier for major supporters 

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I really appreciate everyone's ongoing support of my work.
Carving continues.
Finally into the carving of the color blocks for my new print.
Proofing for a new print.

squyareabout Printing a color in the moku hanga process.


Showing the proper angle, cutting with a knife. Note the beveled side up and flat side against the edge of the line to be carved.