Here you’ll find images and brief explanations describing different aspects of the printmaking processes I use. More in depth information about the printmaking and creative process can be found on my blog as well as my documentary, “Storyprint”

See my instagram feed to see the process and upcoming prints as they progress and keep up to date as they change.

Finally getting back to this print. Have done some pre painting on the block before carving.
For anyone interested I’m giving an artist talk and demo this Sunday August 14th at 2:00 @momentumgallery hope to see you there.
Working on a new print today.
Text reads: “What is your favorite thing?”

“Right now.”

Both of these new prints are on display and available at @momentumgallery. Hope to see you tomorrow evening.
Text reads: Leaving their differences behind, she finally recognized them in their shared dream  to fly. 

This piece and my other new piece are now up @momentumgallery  There’s an opening reception this Thursday July 7, 5-8pm for anyone local interested in coming out.
Last block. More depth in the sky.
More shadows. Getting close.
More detail in the water.

squyareabout Printing a color in the moku hanga process.


Showing the proper angle, cutting with a knife. Note the beveled side up and flat side against the edge of the line to be carved.