Cutting a kento registration

The kento registration is a corner shape and a straight shape cut into the same block as the image itself and is used to rest the paper into while printing.

Once the initial image and kento registration is cut, you may print any number of proofs including the kento registration in the printing. When these proofs are pasted onto additional blocks you will be able to easily register different color blocks to the original image by cutting out the kento registration.

To cut the kento registration 

  • first mark where you would like the outside dimentions of your paper to fall in relationship to the image on your block.
  • Second, hold your straight chisel perpendicular to the wood block in one of the corners you just marked for your paper. Press straight down with the straight side (not angled side) against the mark. Turn chisel 90 degrees and press again, finishing the corner.
  • Follow the long mark you made for the paper along one of the longer edges of the image and choose a spot near the end of the image. Align your straight chisel along the mark and press down once more.
  • Going back to the original corner cut align the chisel along the cut. Starting at a low angle and pressing toward the other cut incline the chisel so that it ends deeper towards the depth of the corner. Next align the chisel along the straight mark and tilting the chisel make a cut along the straight cut mark.
  • You now have a corner and edge to align your paper for printing.

This series of images shows the cutting of the corner. Both sides of corner are cut vertically, then using the straight chisel, begin at a steep angle along one edge and slowly flattening the chisel as you progress to the end of the corner.