Glimpse into the life and creative process of internationally reknowned printmaking artist, Andy Farkas as he leads us through the traditional Japanese woodcut printmaking technique known as mokuhanga, honoring a centuries old tradition, including such past masters as Hokusai and Yoshido Hiroshi, as well as offering his own understanding and narrative vantage about what it means to be an artist — and to be human. 

I’m very excited to present a new documentary film about my work and creative process. The film follows the progression of the creation of a single print. This particular print is the culmination of a story I wrote and is told in the film along with an interview focused on the creative process mingled with the physical process of making the actual print. Enjoy!

Filmed and directed by Aaron Morell of Grae Skye Studio.

Storyprint | Mokuhanga artist Andy Farkas | Grae Skye Studio from Aaron Morrell on Vimeo.