Video and online teaching resources:

Video teaching resources are available on a subscription basis through Patreon. Click Here to see subscription options.

Online One-on-one study sessions are priced on a case by case basis based on time, needs and desires of the student (Typically 1-2 hrs per online sessions and $75-$150).

In person study:

In-person One-on-one study is a minimum of 12 sessions (3 hours each). Each 3 hour session is $200. I am based in Asheville, North Carolina. No former printing experience necessary. All ages committed to study are welcome.

I am open to working out additional options with anyone determined to make this experience happen. If you are interested in this study opportunity simply reach out to me via email at to start a conversation.

Why I teach

Over the years I’m occassionally asked about whether or not I teach, and while I’ve spoken to numerous groups and classrooms I’ve never taken the roll of teacher. Teaching to me is a very serious endeavor, requireing not only a level of mastery but also a state of mind and spirit to be able to convey a depth if instruction beyond physical skill or superficial understanding of a subject.

I’ve always felt that if I were to teach, I would want to be able to convey the entirety of an artistic practice—not simply the knowledge and skills of an artistic medium, but also what it means to incorporate such a practice into ones personal life, family and community. Perhaps most importantly is how to access your best and most creative self and how to overlay an artistic practice with a personal creative voice and not get lost or sidetracked during its fragile development.

I believe we all have deep-seeded creative potential that ties us to the world we live in and acts as a window to our best selves—however we choose to express it.

And while I believe that being a teacher is a serious endeavor, I am also convinced that being a student is just as serious a commitment. It is one of the most important relationships one person can have with another. A good teacher helps a good student build a bridge to an otherwise impossible place.

It is in this spirit I open myself to the endeavor of teaching. As a teacher I would meet the student where they were and traverse with them the rocky terrain of their own discoveries within themselves as artists. While I will share specific skills in the medium of woodcut printmaking and image development, it will not be limited to that. Speaking with a truly creative voice is empowering and the skills unlocked by a sincere heart can change the world.

In a student I would look for a sincerity of practice and a willingness to commit to stepping into a broader world.

If what I’ve said here has struck a chord, I invite you to reach out and see where that might take us. I understand everyone’s journey is different and all of us have differing means to make happen the things we want to manifest in our lives — I am open to them. No force, no blame.

What I teach

• The development of your personal creative process and potential.

• Creative voice and Image development

• Technical processes of creating a Mokuhanga print, including (but not limited to planning, materials, carving and printing).